Jason M. Grant

Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Spring 2019

Research Papers

  1. “The Parable of Google Flu”
  2. “How Deceptive are Deceptive Visualizations?”
  3. “Human-centered computing: a multimedia perspective”
  4. “A Personal Computer for Children of All Ages”
  5. “Cloud computing: state-of-the-art and research challenges”
  6. “Dynamo: Amazon’s highly available key-value store”
  7. “Why most published research findings are false”
  8. “Machine learning: The high-interest credit card of technical debt”

Broader Applications of CS Articles

  1. “Why millennials are demanding more diversity in tech?”
  2. “The future of employment: how susceptible are jobs to computerization?”
  3. “Do algorithms reveal sexual orientation or just expose our stereotypes?”
  4. “Algorithm Cuts Your Healthcare”
  5. “Is Google making us stupid?”
  6. “How PAPER Magazine’s web engineers scaled their back-end for Kim Kardashian”
  7. “What makes a great software engineer?”
  8. “Your pacemaker can now testify against you in court”

Senior Capstone Projects

  • “spotOn: A Mobile-First Web App & Crowd- Sourced Solution to Parking at Middlebury” by Holley McShan & Aleksandr Samets (Final Presentation and Paper)
  • “Cycling Drafting Detection Using GPX Files From Triathlons” by Zeke Mostov and Jenny Melcher (Final Presentation and Paper)
  • “Pitchify: Synesthesia Simulator and Music Visualizer in VR” by Celia Choy & Maya Reich (Final Presentation and Paper)
  • “Boogle Translate” by Zale Young and Joshua Ravishankar (Final Presentation and Paper)
  • “Entree” by David Valentin & Sam Ferguson (Final Presentation and Paper)
  • “httpantry” by Rowen Felt and Zebediah Millslagle (Final Presentation and Paper)
  • “EGGOPOLYPSE” by Matthew Ottomano and Alex Williams (Final Presentation and Paper)
  • “Knapsack Optimization in Daily Fantasy Sports” by Greg Dray and Dylan Mortimer (Presentation and Paper)