Jason M. Grant

Assistant Professor of Computer Science

Music and the Black Church

Course Description

The sound of music, often associated with the voices of deities, was a medium for personal and communal religious expression in traditional African societies. During this time, the drum, also known as an “acoustical seducer of the spirits,” assembled the community and summoned the spirits. Today, Black religious music is still known for assembling a community, both inside and outside the church, with songs such as “We Shall Overcome,” a staple of the Civil Rights Movement. In this course we will immerse ourselves in the music of the Black church, from melodies predating the transatlantic slave trade and Negro spirituals to contemporary gospel sounds and their use in social activism.

Topics Covered

  • The Origins of Negro Spirituals
  • Hymns of the Civil Rights Movement
  • The “Gospel” Sound and its evolution
  • Intersections between Secular and Gospel Music
  • Appearances of Music of the Black Church in Popular Culture
  • Leading and Accompanying: the Musician’s Role in Service
  • Additional Topics TBD

Grading Policy

15%1st Writing Assignment 
20%2nd Writing Assignment
25%3rd Writing Assignment

Late Assignments
Writing assignments may be turned in one day late with a single letter grade deduction (10%). Except under extenuating circumstances or when otherwise specified, assignments will not be accepted after 24 hours of the due date.

Inclusive Learning

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Learning Accommodations

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