Fall 2017

Class Schedule

DateTopic/PaperReading Assignments and Info Re:Quizzes
9/12Course Overview, Biometrics in Media, History of Biometrics 
9/14Introduction to Biometric Systems 
9/19Errors and Performance MeasuresQuiz 1: Biometric Systems
9/21Design Cycle of Biometric Systems 
9/26Privacy and SecurityQuiz 2: Biometric Systems
9/28Fingerprint Recognition Logistics 
10/3Fingerprint Alignment and MatchingQuiz 3: Fingerprint Recognition
10/5Face Recognition Logistics 
10/10Face Detection (Integral Images, Haar-like features, Viola-Jone)Quiz 4: Face Recognition
10/12Appearance-based Face Recognition (PCA, ICA, and LDA) 
10/17Appearance-based Pt.2Quiz 5: Face Recognition and Integral Images
10/19Texture-based Face Recognition 
10/24***Mid-term Recess*** 
10/26Advanced Topics in Face RecognitionPlease read pp. 129-138 in the Course Textbook and “DeepFace: Closing the Gap to Human-Level Performance in Face Recognition
10/31Introduction to Iris RecognitionPlease read pp. 141-159 in the Course Textbook
Quiz 6: Appearance-based, model-based, and texture-based face recognition
11/2Iris Recognition (continued)Daugman, John. “How iris recognition works.IEEE Transactions on circuits and systems for video technology 14.1 (2004): 21-30.
11/7MultibiometricsPlease read pp. 209-224 in the Course Textbook
Quiz 7 (Section 4.1 – 4.5 ) and Daugman’s Paper “How Iris Recognition Works.”
11/9Biometric FusionPlease read pp. 224-256 in the Course Textbook
11/14Applications of BiometricsQuiz 8: Multibiometrics pp. 209-256
11/16Biometric Security 
11/21Spoofing and the Biometric MenagerieThe Biometric Menagerie
11/23***Thanksgiving Recess*** 
11/28 Quiz 9: Biometric Security
11/30Biometrics as a Forensic 
12/5In-Class AssignmentQuiz 10: Biometric Security
12/7In-Class Assignment