July 20, 2018

MiddCreate Spotlight: Jason Grant

A blog post about my blog post πŸ™‚ Wonderfully written by Nadine Dixon, a Middlebury ’20 undergraduate student majoring in computer science.

MiddCreate Spotlight: Jason Grant

MiddCreate Spotlight: Jason Grant

Welcome back to MiddCreate Spotlight! This week we are highlighting a MiddCreate site created by a faculty member at Middlebury College. Three short words describes how important we believe MiddCre…

Source: dlinq.middcreate.net/middcreate-spotlight/middcreate-spotlight-jason-grant/


Jason Grant

Jason Grant is an Assistant Professor of Computer Science at Middlebury College. His research areas include computer vision and biometrics. Outside of the office you can find him at the gym, on a mountain or in the woods with his dog, or playing the piano.

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