CSC1051 Algorithms and Data Structures I

Instructor: Jason M. Grant, PhD
email: jason.grant (AT) villanova (DOT) edu
Office: Mendel 162C

Course Syllabus

Course Materials and Resources
  • Textbook: Rephactor (Course code: NovaFa23_CS1051_Grant)
  • IDE: jGRASP bundled with OpenJDK (download here)
  • Microsoft Teams (link, Code: zr5sy0t)
  • Blackboard Course Site (1051-003, 1051-004)

Location: Lectures and labs will take place in Mendel G88. Please bring your computer to class each day.

CSC 1051-003
MWF: 11:45AM – 12:35PM
W: 10:40AM – 11:30AM

CSC 1051-004
MWF: 12:50PM – 1:40PM
W: 1:55PM – 2:45PM

NB: There will be no class on September 4 (Labor Day), September 15 (conference), October 9-13 (Fall break), and November 22-24 (Thanksgiving recess).

Mondays 2:30 – 4PM, Mendel 162C
By Appointment

No appointments are necessary for office hours; however, signing up ahead of time helps me and other students plan accordingly. Virtual office hours are available (Zoom/Teams); however, you must sign up in advance (using the same link). Please contact me by email to request a meeting time outside of my regularly scheduled hours, if needed.

Teaching Assistant (TA)

Name: Giorgi Gugeshashvili
Email: ggugesha (AT) villanova (DOT) edu
Office hours: TBD

Computer Science Peer Tutoring

CS Peer Tutoring is available through the Learners’ Studio. You can find more information about it here.

Exam Schedule

Exam 1: Friday, September 22
Exam 2: Monday, October 23
Exam 3: Friday, November 17
Final Exam: Wednesday, December 13, 11:30AM – 2PM; Location TBD

Class Schedule

Available via Rephactor